the List of Happy

Happy things, every day

#49 Extra Large Airport Bathroom Stalls

I know they’re that large to accommodate for everyone’s luggage, but wouldn’t it be great if every public bathroom stall came with all that legroom?

#48 Turning Nouns Into Verbs

ham·mock  (ˈhæmək) 

1. hammock  noun 

                     a hanging or suspended bed or couch made of canvas, netted

                     cord, or the like, with cords attached to supports at each end.

2. hammock  verb

                      to enjoy the use of one’s hammock


I think I will hammock this afternoon because it is so nice out.


#47 Ze Frank

A long time ago I watched this video by Ze Frank and it changed my perspective, it inspired me. He is truly one of the greatest artists of our time and I think that everyone should experience the things that he makes.

#46 Blanket Forts

Because nothing beats the feeling of constructing that cotton-cloth castle and cuddling up inside. It’s the genius you feel, getting to be an engineer and a decorator all at once, and creating a real hideaway of your very own. But mostly it’s just how no photograph could ever properly display the comfort, calm, contentedness of being inside your special fort of sheets and blankets and happiness.


#45 Whole Milk

Notice, I called it “whole” milk. I make the distinction, because I’m not talking about just any kind of milk.
More specifically I precisely mean that moment of sipping whole fat milk after you’ve only had skim or 1% for a very long time. And you’re wondering if perhaps you accidentally pulled the heavy cream out of the fridge by mistake. That moment is golden. That moment is creamy and delicious.
And happy.

#44 the Favorite pen

If you don’t have a favorite pen I strongly encourage you to scavenge through the junk drawer and find one right this moment.

Maybe it clicks just perfectly
or the cap stays on the back so securely.
Maybe it’s gel ink,
purple, glittery, or pink.
Or maybe, for some reason, it just helps you think.

Whatever it is, grabbing that favorite pen is such a happy moment. When you hold it and you feel like you could just keep writing forever. It makes even the most tedious of tasks more enjoyable, and that’s what it’s all about.

#43 Free breakfast

It’s the most important meal of the day, that’s why it’s even more awesome when it’s on the house. When the hotel offers that continental breakfast it’s such a simply delicious thing to take advantage of. You can feel free to gorge yourself on fruit loops and muffins. Take all the coffee you want. Try a banana, and put a yogurt in your pocket for later. So start your day the happy way with some hearty brunch gratis.

#42 Blue Skies and Sunshine

It’s in our DNA to be happy on sunny days. It almost can’t be avoided. So be thankful for that vitamin D. And appreciate whatever it is that seems to make blue skies so appealing.


#41 New Beginnings

Fresh starts
and open hearts,
keeping us all
from falling apart.
New year,
have no fear.
Full of hope
and full of cheer.

Here’s to the universal faith in new beginnings, and here’s to New Years.

#40 Warm Christmas Tree Glow

A Christmas Story



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